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Brand Audit

Regularly, a Brand needs to undergo a BRAND AUDIT to evaluate its strength. With an ETHNOGRAPHY Marketing approach, ETNOMARK can help identify the issues taking place in the Brand’s market. The issues are extracted through ethnography in order to help the company obtain REAL, INSIGHTFUL INSIGHTS for a holistic understanding of the market and their Brand.

ETNOMARK helps answer the question "Where exactly is the Brand in the minds of its Stakeholders?" and helps compose strategic steps in Brand developing through a short term and long term Road Map. This is then translated to recommendations of a New Product Development, and also with its MarComm, and Brand Activation activites.

The Ethnography Marketing adopted by ETNOMARK is a contemporary approach to complete the quantitative data that the company currently has. With ethnography studies, ETNOMARK extracts insights with depth and SHARPNESS through a variety of qualitative techniques. Stories are compiled and arranged in a holistic description of what exactly is happening with the Brand.

ETHNOGRAPHY is a research which examine the consumers in their native environment – where they live, work, shop, and even play. This a compilation of research techniques that complements each other, using cultural anthropology principles to understand the different interaction issues between the Brand and its consumers.

In-house Corporate Training

ETNOMARK Consulting also take part in business education. We give training in various topics including brand management, marketing communication and ethnography research.Some of the companies that have participates in our training are Astra International, Astra Honda Motor (AHM), 3M Indonesia, Bank Mandiri, Citibank Indonesia, BNI, MNC group, MRA media, Orang Tua Group (OTG), Capsugel Indonesia, ELNUSA, Eagle, Dexa Medica, Frisian Flag Indonesia, Maruni Glass, etc.

  • Mengubah Just Friends menjadi Soulmates: Consumer Insights via Ethnography & Personal Branding, Bank BUKOPIN
  • Integrated Marketing Engagement Communication (IMEC), Bank BRI
  • B2B Marketing - Customer Solution, Precast Segment, HOLCIM Indonesia
  • Role of Ethnography in Brand Building, Suntory Garuda Beverage
  • Transformasi Menuju Personal Branding yang Cemerlang, Cargill Indonesia
  • Menjadi Internal Brand Ambassador Perusahaan yang Lebih Baik, BTPN Syariah
  • Transformasi Personal Brand dan KITSDA Brand, Dirjen Pajak
  • Brand Audit & Ethnography, Bank Mandiri