Personal Branding Workshop

Asosiasi Profesional Coach Loop Indonesia, Jakarta 2018

IPB Rebranding Workshop

Internal Insights Recollection

Yummy Dairy

Brand Audit & Ethnography

The Power of STORY required for Branding Pearl

Speaker at Pearl Festival 2017

ZOYA Brand Transformation

Translate insights from Audit Ethnography into Action

Branding a Brilliant Personal Brand for BNI Life

17 - 18 August 2017

Branding Universitas


Agent of Change & Ethnography in Customer Centric Organization

ETNOMARK Consulting, 2016

Stand Out From Coach Crowd

16 August 2018 - EVENT

Stand Out From The Crowd: Personal Branding For Lecturers

18 July 2018 - WORKSHOP

Idea Innovation Market Place Indonesian Development Forum (idf) - July 11th 2018

07 July 2018 - EVENT

Ipb Rebranding Workshop: Internal Insights Recollection

06 July 2018 - WORKSHOP

“It is not about you. It is about Customer”

Who Are We?

ETNOMARK Consulting is a Brand Consultant that helps companies in building and developing their Brands. ETNOMARK is a pioneer in Ethnography Marketing in Indonesia. Ethnography is a contemporary research approach that is used to solve the problems of a Brand right to its roots.


Why are We Different?

ETNOMARK helps companies obtain Insightful Consumer Insights via Ethnography and helps them transform into a Customer-Centric Organisation. ETNOMARK has proven itself to be an Agent of Change that helps bring companies closer to its Stakeholders, and understand them.