Inhouse Training, Wardah


BPTN Syariah Brand and Communication Audit


PRODIA Laboratory, Brand Audit


ETNOMARK 5th birthday


Brand Audit KICK ANDY TVShow


Personal Branding Workshop By President University

20 November 2015 - GUEST SPEAKER

Peranan Etnografi Dalam Menyusun Strategi Sosialisasi Dan Komunikasi Sensus Ekonomi, Balai Pusat Statistik (bps)

11 November 2015 - IN HOUSE TRAINING

Mengubah Just Friends Menjadi Soulmates: Costumer Insights Via Ethnography & Personal Branding, Bank Bukopin

06 November 2015 - IN HOUSE TRAINING

Personal Branding, Teknik Industri Itb

01 November 2015 - GUEST SPEAKER

“Observe, Check, Re-chek, Double Check and Cross Check. What people say is not what they do” 

Who Are We?

ETNOMARK Consulting is a Brand Consultant that helps companies in building and developing their Brands. ETNOMARK is a pioneer in Ethnography Marketing in Indonesia. Ethnography is a contemporary research approach that is used to solve the problems of a Brand right to its roots.


Why are We Different?

ETNOMARK helps companies obtain Insightful Consumer Insights via Ethnography and helps them transform into a Customer-Centric Organisation. ETNOMARK has proven itself to be an Agent of Change that helps bring companies closer to its Stakeholders, and understand them.