Brand Audit Wardah Skin Care and Cosmetics


Branding for Social Organization


Inhouse Training, Wardah


BPTN Syariah Brand and Communication Audit


PRODIA Laboratory, Brand Audit


Brand Audit KICK ANDY TVShow


Brand Audit Wardah Skin Care & Cosmetics

30 September 2016 - BRAND AUDIT

Branding For Social Organization

28 July 2016 - EVENT

Coaching Brand Audit For Sinar Sosro & Tetra Pak Indonesia

13 May 2016 - BRAND AUDIT

Personal Branding Workshop Di President University

20 November 2015 - BRAND AUDIT

“It is not about you. It is about Customer”

Who Are We?

ETNOMARK Consulting is a Brand Consultant that helps companies in building and developing their Brands. ETNOMARK is a pioneer in Ethnography Marketing in Indonesia. Ethnography is a contemporary research approach that is used to solve the problems of a Brand right to its roots.


Why are We Different?

ETNOMARK helps companies obtain Insightful Consumer Insights via Ethnography and helps them transform into a Customer-Centric Organisation. ETNOMARK has proven itself to be an Agent of Change that helps bring companies closer to its Stakeholders, and understand them.