IDEA INNOVATION MARKET PLACE Indonesian Development Forum (IDF) - July 11th 2018

An Insight to Contextual Development Aid Programs for Micro Small to Medium Enterprises  (UMKM) via Ethnographic Study and Crowd Understanding

by Amalia E. Maulana, Ph.D

BINUS Business School and ETNOMARK Consulting


In recent years, UMKMs have been commonly seen as 'OBJECTS' that are deserving of Development Aid Programs provided by Donors, as they are assumed to be 'very attractive' and have 'marketable value’

For the Donors, providing aid to UMKMs to help fund their businesses and activities has been considered as one of their 'key success factors' in Organisational Branding

For the Recipients, be it the UMKMs themselves or any other party seeking for aid, UMKMs are frequently used as a vessel to entice Donors to grant their proposals.

A commonly overlooked mistake made by the Organisers of UMKM Development Aid Programs is in clustering the target of their programs based on generic and superficial aspects.

The success of the program cannot be measured accurately because of this very reason. The Programs were completed but ultimately were not effective nor efficient



ACTION: To cluster UMKM into Homogeneous specific problem

Development Aid Program should target specific Cluster and solve the Specific Problem.

More Effective and Efficient, evaluation using the contextual Key Performance Indicator (KPI)


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