1-day Workshop Agent of Change & Ethnography in Customer Centric Organization

Segera Daftar Diri Anda


ETNOMARK Consulting  kembali akan mengadakan 1 day Workshop dengan judul:

"Agent of Change & ETHNOGRAPHY in Customer Centric Organization"

Pada hari Kamis, 15 Desember 2016.


Workshop Outline:

-Customer Centricity: Rhetoric or Culture?
-Who is doing What in the Branding process.
-Agents of Change: why we need them?
-Ethnography Marketing and its role in Stakeholders’ INSIGHTS Collection and Mapping
-Practical Examples
-Guideline: Step by Step
-Case Study: GUEST SPEAKER from Industry

Untuk pendaftaran atau informasi lebih lanjut, 

hubungi info@etnomark.com  atau Driana di 0811186060






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